Sustained heat or heating is different

  |   Muilo akmuo

hen winter is coming many of us start thinking about heat resources we could get in order to prepare ourselves for cold times. However, we do not often think about how much heat can we get or how effectively it might work. Does it matter whether its natural heat or not? Is the ‘warm’ factor is the only one that should matter? It turns out that the same heat, depending on the characteristics of its’ source, may vary.



“It has been proved that a small piece of a natural soapstone which was thrown in hot water just for five minutes – cooled down only an hour later. Due to this, we can say that its’ so to say ‘heat reserve’ is very high that makes this natural material perfect for heating our homes. It is estimated that the efficiency of such an oven is about 90%. The price for fireplaces and stoves made of soapstone might seem quite high. But, to my mind, a fireplace or stove should be considered as a long-term investment, evaluating both – material quality and health-friendly factor.”- says Mr. Ramunas Liatocha, head of the company ‘Muiloakmuo’.


As Mr.Liatocha points out, the heat that produces from a soapstone heaters is different – it is sustainable. It has been established that the heat waves emitted from such ovens range from 8 to 9 microns. The same is the length of the heat emitted by human. That is why the body receives such heat as very “soft” and relaxing. It does not burn the surface of the skin, but penetrates deeply into the body and heats it up just like “from the inside.” Doctors have shown that heat rays have a positive effect on health and well-being. It is also important that such ovens do not dry the air in the room, provide a favourable relative humidity for the person and protect the ions contained in the air. Therefore, the air in the room is warm, and remains refreshing and pleasant.


Soapstone stove

Also, according to Mr.Ramunas…, this stone radiates less radiation than street-side pavement tiles or stones. “One of our clients, scientist at the Institute of Physics, before buying a stove, decided to investigate its’ radical background and was remarkably surprised by the “purity” of the soap stone”- says he. Larger or lower radiations are emitted by all the objects, but the soapstone radiates so little that it does not cause any negative effects to the human body.

Moreover, such stoves do not harm the environment. Burning firewood does not have any major influence on atmospheric pollution, as natural carbon dioxide emissions are still released in the process of burning or rotting. The soapstone stoves have been found to release the same amount of CO2 in the atmosphere as it would occur during natural processes. The products from this unique “heat carrier” material are certified in all countries of the European Union.


Fireplace from soapstone